Name of the Seminar Date
 1 National Seminar on Real exchange rate policies for economic development October 28, 2018
 2 National Seminar entitled Food loss and waste management in Turkey March 10, 2018
 3 National Seminar on Assessment of Turkey's energy management February 23, 2018
 4 National Seminar on Votes and Regional Economic Growth February 6, 2018
 5 Seminar The Effect of Education Expenditure on Economic Growth December 13, 2017
 6 National Seminar ISO quality management system standards on industrial property July 27, 2017
 7 National Seminar on Management Models: Challenges, Opportunities and Possibilities April 15-16, 2017
 8 National Seminar on Agrarian Crisis in Rural Turkey: Issues and Challenges February 23, 2017
 9 National Seminar on Climatic Change, Weather Variability and its Impact on Human Life February 10, 2017
10 National Seminar on Implementation of Educational Policies and Programmmes March 12, 2016


Journal of Economic and Social Research (JESR) is pleased to announce the 9th National Seminar to be held October 28, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.
The main conference theme this year is:
Real exchange rate policies for economic development

In today’s highly competitive global economy, building human strengths and fostering resilience at the personal and organizational levels are more important now than ever before. This conference focuses on the positive psychology of meaning, virtues, spirituality, personal responsibility, and worker engagement in enhancing well-being and productivity. The pre-conference workshops emphasize positive psychotherapy, strengths-based assessment, existential and spiritually oriented clinical skills, etc.

INPM brings together world's leading thinkers, researcher, and practitioners to tackle the challenge of creating positive organizations that can survive and flourish in a difficult and uncertain economic time.

The conference will place a premium on providing delegates with opportunities for interactions with speakers and other delegates. Through the principle of collective strategic networking, we hope the conference will facilitate a new vision for the 21st Century and help define what it means to be a psychologically healthy workplace. 

Through invited addresses, paper and poster presentations, workshops, case studies, and open sessions, a wide range of workplace issues will be explored. In addition, we welcome proposals on a variety of topics related to positive existential issues, such as the meaning in life, goal striving, values, character strengths, well-being, and meaning-oriented therapy. Submit a 300-word abstract to Conference Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Graduate student submissions are encouraged.

Deadline for submission: Sept. 15, 2018
Notification of acceptance: Before Oct. 10th. 2018

We welcome participation by psychologists, counselors, coaches, human resource specialists, organizational scholars, business consultants, occupational health & safety personnel, and leaders in business, industry and non-profit organizations.  Students and anyone interested in developing a fulfilling career or vocation are also welcome.