JESR 2019, 18(S1): 99-107

Original Article in Journal of Economic and Social Research


Authors: Zohreh Gholami1, Morteza Seddigh2

1 Corresponding Author, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Gonbad-e-kavoos Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran
2 Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Deylamaan University, Tehran, Iran

Music is the expression of state in the form of sounds and Architecture is the expression of the state in the form of objects and dimensions, both of which have a long history of human life. These two transcendental arts influence various aspects of human body and soul. In this research, the author attempted to express the relationship between music and architecture, to bring architecture from the rhythm of music to an arena, and to create a structure with a special combination of the two, which would illustrate the mind of the creator. To design the volume, this idea has been taken from Dastgahe-Mahur (which represents glory and a sense of joy). In this research, the links between music and architecture have been investigated and descriptive-analytic method has been used. Documentation is also done in both field and library methods. In this research, it is tried to extract and elaborate the basics and principles of architecture using the past design patterns and the new science, and present it in a case design that has the ability to develop into similar sectors.
Keywords: Music Center, Original Iranian Music, Architecture


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