JESR 2019, 18(S1): 77-86

Original Article in Journal of Economic and Social Research


Author: Davod Kiany1

1 Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Institute for International Energy Studies, Ministry of Petroleum. Iran.

South Pars gas field is the world's largest gas field lying on the territorial border between Iran and the State of Qatar. It is located 100 kilometers to the southern coast of Iran. This field is known as North Dome in Qatar and it was explored during the drilling of Dome-1 in 1971 by Shell. The total area of field is 9.700 km2, and the section which is owned by Qatar is 6000 km2. (About 62%).North Dome field in Qatar is drawn from Iran’s border to the coast of Qatar. In Iran in 1990 exploratory drilling of the first well in this field and the results of the seismic tests has confirmed the existence of a major natural gas field. This gas field covers an area of 9700 square kilometers, of which 3700 square kilometers belongs to Iran (38 percent). The two countries have worked hard to extract from this giant gas field. Due to sanctions and lack of investment, Iran is behind Qatar. But by starting post-sanction era and lifting sanctions great steps have been taken. This article is an analogy between the two countries in this field pays great condition. The current article makes a comparison of the two countries in this big field. Methodology of this article is analysis and descriptive.
Keywords: Iran, Qatar, Gas.


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